Focused on Process & Treatment Systems

Harding & Smith, Inc. is uniquely qualified to oversee the design, construction/fabrication, and maintenance for a process systems in the Biotechnology, Waste/Water Treatment, Pharmaceutical, and Power Industries.

Fabrication & Assembly

Harding & Smith has the facilities to fabricate and assemble custom designed specialty products for the industries we serve including:

  • Equipment Modules: Skid-mounted mechanical and electrical equipment assemblies. 
  • Instrument Panels and Racks: Main control panels, auxiliary and relay panels, local instrument racks and enclosures. 
  • Piping and Subassemblies: In all ferrous, nonferrous and alloy metals. 
  • Structural Components: For the support of piping and shop assembled electromechanical equipment. 
  • Weldments: Specialty fabrication of welded components.

Non-Destructive Examination Equipment

Visual, Textural, Dye Penetrant, Radiographic and Ultrasonic selected to meet the specific need of the application.


  • Calibration and testing of instrument and control systems
  • Electrical "break down" insulation testing 
  • Electrical system testing and certification 
  • Pressure and leak testing for pneumatic and hydraulic components 
  • Equipment/system test and verification