Focused on Mechanical Systems

Extensive experience in all the disciplines related to Plumbing & HVAC have contributed to the continued success and growth of Harding & Smith   As a company, we are fully qualified and motivated to work with the Specifying Engineer and General Contractor to ensure a project that is completed on schedule and on budget.

Plumbing & HVAC

We are able to provide competitive Plumbing & HVAC proposals across a broad range of facility applications, including:

  • Biotech 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Research and Development 
  • Business
  • Financial 
  • Institutional (including Educational, Medical and Correctional Facilities) 
  • Special Purpose such as Aircraft Traffic Control

Our thorough knowledge of the methods and practices required to successfully complete these projects makes Harding & Smith a welcome partner in major capital projects.

Fabrication & Assembly

We maintain our facilities to prefabricate and pre-assemble many of the systems utilized in new construction and renovation.  Plumbing intensive areas, for example, can be constructed in a controlled quality environment and delivered to the jobsite ready for installation.

Project Portfolio

  • Yacht Haven Marina Apartments: Boston, MA 
  • Saint John's Seminary, Brighton, MA 
  • U.S. Airways Terminal Upgrades and the Project 2000 Heating and Cooling Plant
    Renovations, Logan International Airport, Boston Saints Memorial Hospital,Lowell, MA 
  • The Courthouse Transit Station, Boston, MA 
  • Cedar Junction Correctional Facilities Modernization, Walpole, MA I
  • Internet and switch facility projects have been completed for both MCI/Worldcom and Level 3 Communications within the New England Area